Incentive travel: a global overview

Something that Case knows better than anyone is that no client is like the other, each one is special for itself and has its own characteristics. On this article by CIT Magazine, an online magazine about conferences and incentive travel, our Live director, Débora Bertagnoli, and other professionals from this area who also plan trips around the world share the secrets behind a successful event. Read the full piece below.

“Exclusivity and authenticity are among the key global incentive travel trends, as shared by event professionals across the world from Switzerland to Sao Paulo.

In October 2016, the latest edition of Invoyage took place, bringing together experts in the field of luxury from across the globe, convening at the opulent Palazzo Versace, Dubai. Yet when it came to forecasting 2017 programmes, the view country by country of the ultimate luxury, was decidedly different.

Platinum World Group founder Sushil Shamlal Wadhwa said: “Our Indian clients are adventurous, keen to seek out off the beaten track experiences, such as Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.” Luxury travel agent Daniel Rudolf, head of sales and marketing at Germany-based Rent-A-Resort added: “We specialise in the ultimate exclusive experiences, which is on the rise as more people crave real privacy. So we arrange full-island buyouts where the real luxury is exclusivity and each experience is totally tailor-made.”

Swiss-based events agency Republica arranges storytelling-based event solutions for their clients and senior project manager Carole Casali believes the trend for consumers seeking more authenticity is also prevalent in events too, as groups seek out local experiences as part of an overall incentive event.

Meanwhile, Debora Bertagnoli, live and travel director at Case Imagine in Sao Paulo said simplicity was often key for the perfect incentive for Brazilian clients. “Our groups look for three key elements – first, a really good hotel that offers an incredible guest experience and very high service levels – such as the Palazzo Versace. Second, we must have a great dining experience during the event as it provides a talking point and a memorable moment. Finally, our market love to go shopping, wherever they are, so we always look for great venues that will also please them by allowing for a retail experience during any downtime that we build into the programme.”

Meanwhile, Portman Travel conference and events manager Pamela Ronald believes the challenge for 2017 is unearthing something new for clients that have championed incentives for several years. “We have got such a varied client base but with more of these groups becoming increasingly discerning, the search is on for something different for them to experience, to create a really memorable event.’”

Yasmin Arrigo, “Incentive Travel Report: Global overview”, CIT Magazine,